Growbox construction

It is easier to design a growbox yourself than it seems. And it is not necessary to design it at all. Any wardrobe, drawer unit or small pantry will do. If there is nothing suitable, the structure can be assembled from chipboard sheets. The main thing is that there is enough space for plants inside.

Internal coating
To improve the quality of cannabis lighting, the inner surface of the grow box is sheathed with reflective material. It can be foil, penofol or white acrylic paint.

Lighting in a growbox

When choosing a light source for a grow box, it should be borne in mind that the heat emanating from the lamp negatively affects the internal microclimate. A lamp close to the plants can burn them. An incandescent lamp should be excluded immediately, as it is not suitable for plants in terms of light spectra and emits too much heat.

Suitable lamps for grow boxes are:

HPS – light spectra are favorable for plants, but the lamp heats up very much and is environmentally dangerous;
ESL – it is better to install two such lamps, at 2700k and at 6400k. Then the plants will receive lighting suitable for the spectra. ELS lamps almost do not heat up and do not harm plants;
LED – emit uniform light, do not heat up, economical, suitable for plants. Not so long ago, special LED lamps appeared on the market, which emit light of only the required spectrum;
Since the grower will have to maintain a constant cannabis light regime in the growbox, to simplify the task, you can set a timer that will independently turn on and off the lighting according to a given schedule.

The main task of ventilation is to remove hot air and renew the interior. Any fan will work for a grow box, but a duct fan is most commonly used. The main thing is that it makes as little noise as possible.

Conditions for growing cannabis in a grow box
Inside the growbox, its own microclimate is created, on which the growth and yield of the planted plants directly depends. Therefore, it is necessary to create the best growing conditions suitable specifically for cannabis.

The temperature in the grow box must always remain constant and be between +18 and +27 degrees. When the light is off, the temperature can drop to the lower mark, when it is on, it is advisable to keep it at +24 degrees. This temperature is considered to be the most favorable for cannabis.

Light mode
The required light regime depends on the variety of the variety. If the cannabis variety is autoflowering, then during its entire life cycle, the day should be 18 hours, and the night – 6 hours. Photoperiodic varieties require different light conditions for the growing and flowering stages – 18/6 and 12/12, respectively.

Air humidity
The optimum humidity is considered to be 40-60%. However, to reduce the risk of bud formation during the flowering stage, it is best to keep buds between 45% and 55%.

Plant feeding
For plants to grow healthy and enjoy a bountiful harvest, they need minerals and trace elements. The main minerals for feeding are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Phosphorus is essential for marijuana during the flowering stage. It influences the formation of cones, promotes the growth of roots and inflorescences.

Nitrogen is essential during the growing season – it contributes to the development and growth of the plant.

Potassium is responsible for plant immunity, promotes the movement of nutrients, and improves the quality of the crop.

PH and EC
The acidity (pH) indicator monitors the available amount of ionic elements that cannabis needs for healthy growth. Cannabis grows well at a pH of 5.5-6.5.

The conductivity index (EC) is used to determine the concentration of nutrients (salts) in the soil. This indicator must be maintained at a stable level so that the plant does not suffer from an excess of nutrients. The EC value must be between 0.75 and 2.0.

Finally, I would like to add that not every grower wants to spend time and effort creating a grow box. Especially if you don’t have the right materials at hand. In this case, a ready-made solution will come to the rescue – growbox 80-250 Cocos. Along with the awning itself, the set includes lamps, ventilation, automation, a tissue pot with a substrate, devices for monitoring pH and EC levels, fertilizers, calibration solutions and special additional equipment. It has everything a gardener needs to start a carefree grower’s career.