Cannabis varieties for stealth boxing

Stealth growing – cultivating plants in a confined, confined space. As a rule, it is equipped with low-power equipment for easier temperature control. Not every variety will be able to survive and even more so give a decent harvest in such conditions.

A selection of unpretentious autoflowering cannabis varieties of short stature. With an unbending will to live.

What criteria were used to select the varieties:

Small growth;
Short flowering period;
Minimal flavor;
Product quality;
Maximum production of inflorescences.
Dragon’s Fury
In a short time, the powerful, sturdy, low-growth cannabis B. Lee Auto, with a powerful jerk, breaks out of the seed. The life cycle takes 2 months, during which time the bush grows up to 80 centimeters. The strain forgives a lot, failures in watering, lighting. The effect is knocking out, newcomers will remember this variety for a long time.

As easy as pie
Extremely compact Easy Ryder auto, rarely reaching 70cm in height. Branches actively during growth and reacts extremely positively to the LST technique. The yield of the variety is above average. The strain is as if it was created for stealth grow. Not a very powerful variety, despite the claimed 19% THC. The soft unobtrusive effect will not overshadow the first and subsequent acquaintances.

So fast you might not notice
Fast-paced and unwavering, Flash Auto is a real boon. After a short veg, the variety begins to bloom, usually in a little over a month. In such a short period, it manages to grow up to 50 centimeters. Mainly the central cola develops, with 2-4 short branches. The impact is psychoactive, knocks down and brings a hurricane of thoughts.

Important Dwarf
The ancestor of the original White Dwarf is the VIP Dwarf Auto variety. Has a typical indica structure. This strain will require a wider stealth box. Reaching a height of up to 80 centimeters, it is not so sickly that it grows in all directions. Using powerful lamps, you can get up to 200 grams per bush, which makes this variety the leader in the productivity of this collection. Acts slowly and carefully, gently laying on the sofa. Cleans out all unnecessary thoughts, helping to realize the truth.

Fragrant and unpretentious
Cannabis variety Lowryder # 2 – as if created for small grow boxes, resistant and unpretentious. Was voted the best variety in Canada in 2010. In stealthbox, it behaves modestly, it is better to place lamps at a height of 80 centimeters. During flowering, it actively asserts itself with a noticeable aroma of exotic fruits. Ripens in 2 months.