Best Sativa Varieties

Sativa varieties are renowned for their bountiful harvests and uplifting cerebral effects. However, not all growers can afford to grow a cannabis plant that can grow up to 2 to 3 meters in height. The second nuance of Sativa cultivation is the long flowering period, which does not allow growing it outdoors.

The best Sativas were created with one intention in mind – to neutralize imperfections in order to allow more people to grow this wonderful tropical hemp. Thanks to hybridization, breeders were able to shorten the flowering phase, reduce growth and at the same time preserve all the positive aspects of this type of marijuana.

27% THC is no joke

The Amherst Sour Diesel fem from Humboldt Seeds is one of the most potent sativas on the market. The THC level in its finished product reaches as much as 27.1%. This provides not only a lethal effect, but also excellent medical properties. Plant buds will delight you with a spicy aroma, in which there are notes of diesel and earth, and will also bring a bright euphoric effect. The most beautiful thing about this variety is the short flowering period and the abundant yield. The inflorescences need only 65-70 days to fully ripen, and their weight after harvesting will be 2-3 kg.

Famous Jack

Cannabis variety Jack Herer fem from Green House Seeds has won numerous awards at many international canna festivals. It has a number of attractive qualities that make it the perfect plant for any grower of any level. With minimal maintenance, one of its bush can bring up to 1200 g of buds, which will be distinguished by abundant resinousness, rich taste and aromatic qualities and a THC indicator of 20.94%. They will also delight you with a lightning-fast multifaceted effect that brings creativity, euphoria and purity of consciousness.

King of egypt

If you’re looking for a versatile Sativa, Pyramid Seeds’ Tutankhamon fem is the right choice. It is stable and reliable. You can grow it in any conditions. The ripening period of its inflorescences lasts 60 days, and the productivity reaches 50-150 g from one bush. The finished cannabis product is endowed with a rich fruity aroma and long-lasting psychoactive effects that bring physical and mental excitement. Its only drawback is vulnerability to fungi. But to prevent the problem, it is enough just to control the humidity level.

Inspiring Lemon

Super Lemon Haze fem from Green House Seeds has won the High Times Cannabis Cup twice and won the IC 420 Growers Cup once. It has a refreshing citrus scent, classic haze flavor, bountiful yields and uplifting effects. An excellent plus for planting plants – the maximum growth of bushes is 180 cm. They are excellent for growing indoors. Using the SOG and ScrOG yield-enhancing techniques, the grower will be able to get a wagonload of cones with a THC level of 19.33%.

Euphoria ordered?

Dutch Passion’s Euforia fem is renowned for its effects. It brings boundless euphoria that relieves the grower of all negative thoughts and concerns. The body gets a slight relaxation, and the mind – the crystal clarity of thoughts. Rastishka has twice received prestigious awards at the HTCC and Highlife Cup festivals. Its flowering period lasts 7 weeks. Bushes grow to 100-150 cm and yield XL levels. The variety responds well to the Sea Of Green technique.